Should You Mix Different Types of tyres

Do you mix your shoes? Have you ever tried to run with sport shoe in your left and flips flops in your right feet? An odd combination indeed. If will surely pull a muscle or two in your legs. Then why should someone mix the tyres in his car where life is dependent on the mix. Tyre mixing is never recommended by any expert. People might ask what are the possible danger that are attached to mixing two different tyres altogether in one vehicle. Reason is simple. It is same as the mixing of your shoes.

Mixing of tyres in simple terms can be understood as using two, different types of tyres in one car. To help you understand the different threats linked to mixing of tyres, allow us to offer your following points:

1. Different weather tyres: As we all know summer tyres have shallower treads while winter tyres have relatively deeper grooves. Both tyres perform different functions. Summer is used for better cornering and handling. Because of their low rolling resistance summer tyres are capable of high speed handling. On the contrary winter tyres made from softer rubber offer a large amount of traction. This increased traction in turn provide high rolling resistance. And therefore these tyres can’t handle high speed that well.

Now imagine, running with two shoes with different soles. What will happen. Of course you will take a fall. One will perform better while the other will stick to the ground. Similarly, the summer tyres will skid in comparison to winter tyres on the road while taking a turn. The result will be an uncontrolled vehicle. 

2. Tyre tread differences: Just like the different weather tyres, different tread depth on your tyres will result in an out of control vehicle. New car tyres will assist the old tyres to slip on the roads while making tight corners. The matter becomes worse when one or two of your tyres treads have fallen below 3mm. Tyre experts recommend you to change your tyres in a set or a pair. Doing this maintains the necessary control. You can also consider part worn tyres if your old tyres Newark have not been worn out completely and one of them demands replacement.

While on road you would not want to compromise your safety because of unevenly worn out tyres as well. The main reason for your tyres to wear out unevenly is misaligned wheels. To prevent the tyres from wearing out unevenly our experts recommend you to get your wheels aligned regularly. Further if you see any signs of uneven wearing on your tyres make sure to get them rotated as soon as possible.

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